March 19, 2016

D-Freeze Compact

Flow angehobenD-Freeze Compact ®

The tunnel freezer “D-Freeze Compact®” is specifically designed for the quick freezing of meat product surfaces – for example pork loin, topside or tenderloin before the portioning process. By quick freezing these products, a better cut quality is achieved and more constant weights. This reduces the give-away and increases yield.

The “D-Freeze Compact®” requires minimal space and can freeze 3.5m x 3m of up to 1,500 kg /h of product with a 3-5mm frost layer. Furthermore, loading and discharge are done on the same side, whereby one employee can operate the freezer as well as the downstream connected portioning machine. Thus at this point “D-Freeze Compact®” saves one employee position compared with conventional tunnel freezers and can therefore place added- value in another part of the factory.


The “D-Freeze Compact®” finds its application for the classic products in the meat and poultry sector, which must be quickly frozen in order to be portioned afterwards. These products include among others: pork loin, pork topside, rump, pork belly with and without bones, turkey breast, etc…