Dantech Freezing System North America - IQF for Wet Pet Food

Dantech Freezing System North America – IQF for Wet Pet Food

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Dantech Freezing Systems North America have added to the growing family of Spiral Freezing customers in NA, with a large sale to a speciality pet food producer in Texas, USA.

IQF for wet pet food is a rapidly growing market in North America and Australia, according to Jon Haraldsson VP of Sales (North America). “Many consumers are looking for healthier ways to feed their pets. With IQF frozen wet pet food, animals receive highly nutritious food which is made from real meat products & vegetables, free from additives. This gives pet owners the chance of giving their companions a healthier life, better digestion and superior nutrition compared to traditional pet food products” says Haraldsson. The Global Frozen Pet Food Market is expected to grow from USD 20,950.13 million in 2020 to USD 24,865.50 million by the end of 2025.

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The products are formed into different shapes, from small blocks up to large “burger like” patties, which are then sent straight to the Dantech Spiral Freezer for Individual Quick Freezing. Upon entering the machine, the product is transported with a special made infeed called Tangential Infeed, which keeps the form of the products intact and in its natural shape all the way through the freezing process and to distribution. This method allows Dantech customers to freeze different sized food using the same freezer and consumers can buy the product that fits their pet’s size or provide them with a super healthy treat. The product is fully frozen in less than 15 minutes and this helps save all the nutrients in the food as well as keeping the food hydrated.

The food can be served frozen, semi thawed, or fully thawed depending on the pet’s size and breed and the food is ready to eat straight away with no additional preparation. Many consumers have used this as an alternative for their pet’s first or second meal of the day and use more traditional pet food for the remaining meals. Frozen pet food benefits not only the end user, but also the food manufacturer. As producing one portion of frozen wet pet food consumes approximately half of the energy used in producing a portion of standard dry food, which offers Dantech customers great savings in their food operations.

“We started this project in late 2020 and the customer was very impressed by our technology and our way of freezing. Our main focus is on energy savings, less water consumption, less chemical use and a smaller carbon footprint overall. Because of this we were the perfect fit for the company’s vision of a greener future. The customer told us that there was no other supplier that could match their future vision except for Dantech Freezing Systems and that’s why they choose to go with us” said Jon Haraldsson.

Dantech Freezing Systems provides equipment for all sectors of the food market. The company manufactures Ovens, Pasteurizers, Tunnel Freezers and a range of various food equipment, including a brand-new energy saving Sous Vide system, never before seen on the market.

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