Spiral Carton Freezer

Dantech’s Spiral Carton Freezer is specifically designed for products packed in carton boxes or in trays with long retention times.

Spiral Freezer


The Dantech Spiral Carton Freezer is designed for freezing products packed in boxes or trays and offers customers tremendous savings on their operations. Dantech Spirals consume less energy per kg/product frozen compared to many Carton Freezer systems on the market today (Up to 50% less energy used). On top of this, Dantech’s Spiral Carton Freezers also have up to 70% faster freezing times compared to other conventional Carton Freezers.

Dantech’s Spiral Carton Freezer can be setup in a single drum, double drum and triple drum configuration. The company offers a large range of standardized Spiral configurations and can also be fully customized upon request of the customer, to meet all their freezing requirements.


  • Lowest cost per kg of frozen product
  • Lowest kW consumption
  • High yield / Minimal dehydration of products
  • 7-day non-stop production capability
  • Easy to maintain and keep clean

Features and Specifications


From 1,000kg/h and up

Materials Used

All parts are in Stainless Steel and other non-corrosive materials, all approved by E.U. & FDA

Operating Concept

Horizontal Airflow Principle

Operating Specifications

Special Evaporator specifications


Single, Double or Triple Drum Spiral models

Large range of standard configurations available


All Spiral Freezers are customizable to meet specific customer’s specifications

Solution to all your industrial freezing and cooling technology needs

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