Hardening Tunnel

The Dantech Hardening Tunnel is designed for re-freezing products that have been glazed.

Hardening Tunnel


The Dantech Hardening Tunnel is ideal for products that undergo glazing during the freezing process, such as shrimp. The Hardening Tunnel ensures a quick and even re-freezing of a product’s glaze layer, before entering a final equalized freeze. This creates an evenly coated frozen layer that is maintained throughout distribution and until the product is ready to eat.


  • Lowest cost per kg of frozen product
  • Lowest kW consumption
  • Small carbon footprint
  • High yield / Minimal dehydration of products
  • Easy to maintain and keep clean

Features and Specifications


From 250kg/h and up

Materials Used

All parts are in Stainless Steel and other non-corrosive materials, all approved by E.U. & FDA

Operating Specifications

Less water and electricity consumptions compared to other IQF Tunnel Freezers


All Tunnel Freezers are customizable to meet specific customer’s specifications

Solution to all your industrial freezing and cooling technology needs

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