Maxi-Cook In-Line Steam Cooker

Dantech’s In-Line Steam Cooker, better known as Maxi-Cook, is designed for precise, quick, homogeneous and high yield cooking.

Maxi-Cook In-Line Steam Cooker


Dantech’s Maxi-Cook In-Line Steam Cooker is one of the most energy efficient cookers on the market today. The Maxi-Cook system uses up to 30% less energy than traditional steam cookers available today and has up to 1.8% better yields. This makes the Maxi-Cooker a great option for customers aiming to maximize their profit potential.

The In-Line Steam Cooker features electronic temperature control, belt speed, pressure hood and individual temperature-controlled cooking zones that ensures the cooking yield is kept at the highest possible levels. The cooker hood is fabricated with reinforced stainless steel skin inside and outside, along with high density insulation resulting in minimum heat loss. The Maxi-Cook system is also suitable for fragile products that can be placed directly on the belt, as well as products packed in trays.


  • Lowest cost per kg of cooked product
  • Lowest steam consumption
  • Lowest kW consumption
  • Small carbon footprint
  • High product yield / Low weight loss
  • Quick and uniform cooking
  • No cold spots
  • Low freight costs
  • Easy to maintain and keep clean

Features and Specifications


From 500kg/h and up

Materials Used

All parts are in Stainless Steel and other non-corrosive materials, all approved by E.U. & FDA

Operating Specifications

Multiple temperature controlled cooking zones


Available in 900mm belt width


Maxi-Cook hood can be fully hoisted for easy access and cleaning

Solution to all your industrial freezing and cooling technology needs

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