Water Shower Cooler

Dantech’s Water Shower Cooler is designed to quickly remove heat from food products.

Water Shower Cooler


The Water Shower Cooler has a constant flow of chilled water at max 2°C or lower that ensures a rapid cooling of products. This method is the most efficient way of removing heat with water. The system also has a relatively small amount of water, making this way of cooling more economical to use, compared to other more conventional methods.

All the components are individually and carefully selected and all parts are manufactured in stainless steel and non-corrosive materials. The unit has an open design and is very easy to clean and maintain. Making sure that the highest possible sanitation and cleanliness standards can be maintained at all times.


  • Small carbon footprint
  • Can be integrated with existing lines
  • Low freight costs
  • Quick installation
  • Easy to maintain and keep clean

Product Applications

Features and Specifications

Materials Used

All parts are in Stainless Steel and other non-corrosive materials, all approved by E.U. & FDA

Operating Specifications

Adjustable height +/- 100 mm

Adjustable belt speed


3 Standard models available

Solution to all your industrial freezing and cooling technology needs

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