Dantech Freezing Systems launches New Series of Fully Automated Sous Vide Production Lines

Dantech Freezing Systems launches New Series of Fully Automated Sous Vide Production Lines

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Dantech Freezing Systems A/S has developed and released a new range of Continuous Sous Vide Processing lines. The lines can be fully automated and the man- power, handling cost & water usage, can be reduced by over 70%. Compared to conventional existing systems. This new development reduces the cost of production along with huge energy savings. Reducing the environmental impact of such technology, dramatically.

The Dantech R&D & Engineering Team was involved in the full process of this new development. We received an inquiry, from a from a very innovative new food processing company in Denmark for Sous Vide Production. They wanted a smarter system for processing Sous Vide products. The main focus was on automation, energy reduction, & water savings. The Dantech Team delivered the development in 3 months from the initial idea to finished product. The first lines are being installed in Denmark as we speak.

Sous Vide products are in an upward trend for many reasons. The market demand for Sous Vide products, are increasing day by day. So far, the water usage, man-power, and electrical cost has been very high for such production. The new Dantech lines has solved those problems to a large extent and the carbon footprint and the overall production cost is dramatically reduced. Dantech Freezing Systems has the continuous systems available in both spiral & straight-line designs. Available in both water and steam configurations.

Managing Director Henrik Ziegler: “I am extremely proud of my entire team, for such a great effort. In such a short time. Amazing what we can do together as a dedicated team when working closely with our customers. The demands and focus from our customer, was clear from day one. We solved the puzzle, and we came up with innovative ideas. Saving production cost and overall expended energy. Just in-line with what we stand for as a company in general. The new addition to our portfolio, fits perfectly to our strategy for the future. This new product line opens an even bigger market for our company. Which is exactly what we are about.” Say’s Ziegler.

Dantech Freezing System has a strong vision, to provide the latest available technology. Focusing on cost reduction and energy savings.

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