February 11, 2019

Further Processing (Provisur)

Provisur is a wholly owned subsidiary of CC Industries (CCI) and was formed in 2009 to consolidate the company’s food processing equipment manufacturing acquisitions. Provisur was created with the intention of building a leading presence in the global food processing market. Since its founding, Provisur has expanded its portfolio of leading brands to serve its global customer base with a broad range of value added equipment and full line solutions.

The company specializes in four key technology areas, all of which, when combined with material handling and automation, can be built into fully integrated production lines. They are:

  • Grinding, mixing, forming, coating, cooking and freezing solutions
  • Slicing and sliced product handling solutions
  • Protein recovery separation technologies
  • Defrosting, marinating and cooking tumblers and chambers

To support its global customer base, Provisur has established factories, offices and service support centers in the USA, France, The Netherlands, Brazil, China, and Thailand.

At Provisur, we are Pushing Boundaries of technology, application innovation and service to ensure that we add the most value in support of our customers’ efforts to grow the global supply of safe, nutritious and affordable food.

View all of the further processing equipment via our partner’s website.

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