August 4, 2017

Spiral Defroster

The space saving Spiral Defroster is specially designed for conditioning of loins, bone-in loins, bacon blocks, tuna loins, “fish blocks, chicken blocks and many other frozen products prior to i.e. portion cutting, bacon slicing, etc.

The product is fed to the belt at the lower in-feed end, and then raised via the rotating drum. Simultaneously the product passes through the temperature controlled environment and airflow.

The principle of the airflow ensures that the product receives a uniform process within a minimum of time thus making certain a good quality finished product.

This patented design/process gives the advantage that NO product weight loss takes place during the conditioning process. Products will also have no free water hence no risk of bacteria growth.

The unit operates on a very low power consumption which reduces the production cost/kg or cost/lbs dramatically.