March 28, 2018

Spiral Oven

Spiral Oven

In short, the Spiral Oven is a very long conveyor belt, put in a round shape, around a rotating drum to save floor space.

The typical use of a Spiral Oven:
-Products that require a controlled heat and efficient cooking times.
-Both large and small products.

Dantech’s Spiral Ovens consume less energy per kilogram of product cooked compared to many alternative cooking methods on the market today. The Spiral Oven offers ultimate control over the temperature parameters of the machine, ensuring high product quality and safety. The Oven is equipped with a fully hoistable stainless steel hood making the spirals easy to maintain and keep clean.

Dantech also offers a double drum version of the Spiral Oven, with the option of two separate chambers and temperature zones with different air speeds.