March 19, 2016

Tunnel Freezer Ultraflow

fryser 3Tunnel Freezer Ultraflow ®

The „Ultraflow®“tunnel freezer operates with the very effective and fast principle of impingement airflow. This is based on the intelligent airflow made by Dantech and freezes the products with rapid speed. The air is directed from a pressure chamber through small nozzle outlets on the top and bottom of the product.

Hereby very high air speeds are achieved that ensure an extremely rapid heat removal from the product. Furthermore, the air flows over the product – similar to the principle of an aircraft wing –under “Coanda effect” and forms a streamline coating. As a result, the product is completely encompassed by surrounding air. This very efficient heat transfer likewise supports rapid freezing. The product is gently and evenly cooled from above and below; thereby building an evenly distributed layer of frost.


The tunnel freezer is specially designed for the IQF freezing of shrimp, fish, hamburger, poultry cuts, fragile products and products packaged in trays. Another field of application is the quick freezing of meat product surfaces- such as pork loin, topside or tenderloin – before the portioning and slicing process. By quickly freezing these products, a better cut quality is achieved with more constant weights. This reduces the give-away and increases the yield. In addition, the tunnel freezer Ultraflow® finds its application in quick freezing burger patties, chicken wings, or chicken breast fillets before spiral freezing, thus reducing dehumidification weight loss and maintaining the product quality even after the freezing process.